Theme of The Month:Fraternity and Solidarity

Fraternity and solidarity are the basic pillar of an ideal and developed country. Even the whole civilization’s prosperity depends on these facts. So, a category, a society or a country cannot achieve the goal of complete development without adopting both concepts.
        “Unity in diversity” is the main beauty of our country.  Geographical and Social structure of India increases the significance of fraternity and solidarity. To make our country ‘A Super Power’ and ‘Akhand Bharat’, it becomes the moral duty of every citizen to inculcate these both virtues in society continuously. 
        As we know, the future of a country lies in children and thus, the direct leadership comes on the schools. To fulfil the motto, the RPS family is bound to its society and country for the accomplishment of its duty. 
        To cultivate the virtues of fraternity and solidarity, the Middle Wing of RPS Sr. Sec. School Mahendergarh celebrated the theme of December as a ‘Fraternity & Solidarity’.

         As accountable citizens, we (RPSians) are trying our best to attain the goal of fraternity and solidarity with the help of students.